Small groups

Small groups include following programs:

  • KORCE®
  • Bootcamp
  • Qi Gong
  • YONGA®

small groups (3-5 persons)
once weekly 400 / 3 months

twice weekly 500 / 3 months


Prices in CHF



Monday  9:15-10:15



Wednesday  10:15-11:15

Indoor Bootcamp


Wednesday  19:00-20:00



Thursday  10:15-11:15



Friday  9:15-10:15



Other classes and times are possible by individual arrangement.


During school vacations in Thalwil there are no lessons.The 3 months abo will be extendend by the duration of each school vacation that affects the subscription period.



No other group fitness training will lead you more efficiently to a long lasting slim, firm and healthy body as this barbell training system does.

  • HOT IRON® 1: Strength endurance barbell training including technical instructions.
  • HOT IRON® 2: Even more body forming, body fat reduction and health! HOT IRON®2 is the intensification of HOT IRON®1 with even more coordinative exercises.
  • HOT IRON® CROSS: Maximal body forming and pure power in everyday life.


KORCE® strength exercises focus on the "core" and meanwhile employ mobility and stability techniques in a contemporary and sensible way. The thereby gained strong body center allows us to walk upright and confidently through life. At the same time this power center combined with appropriate mobility prevents us from back pain and restricted movement. Become powerful and smooth with KORCE®.



Indoor and Outdoor Bootcamp

Bootcamp is a diversified holistic training for strength, endurance and coordination. It strengthens and forms your body and makes you more resilient both physically and mentally.

During Indoor Bootcamp we work at different strength and cardio stations at 45- second intervals. Outdoor Bootcamp provides us an opportunity to explore nature while jogging. For the strength training part of the class we use all kinds of available natural elements such as tree trunks, park benches and stairs. Our effort will be rewarded often with a beautiful view of the lake, the mountains or over the fields.


Qi Gong
Qi Gong is simply the best you can do for your own health and well being. It's a mixture of gentle movements, meditation, breathing and concentration exercises. Qi Gong releases and guides the energy flow and strengthens your self healing power. Regular practice improves organ functions and strengthens body mechanism. It leads your body and spirit to a deep relaxation and a high level of regeneration.


YONGA® is a pre-choreographed body&mind program with influences from Qi Gong, Yoga and Tai Chi. Further to strengthening, flexibility, balance and subtly-energetic aspects, the focus is also placed on breathing and awareness. Slow down your daily life with