Karin Cavigelli, Personal Trainer

Since 25 years I work successfully and with passion in the fitness industry. 


My main educations:

  • Personal Trainer SAFS
  • Physical education teacher ETH
  • KiTE therapist
  • Heart therapy SAKR
  • Qi Gong Instructor

My group fitness education includes my three favorite lessons HOT IRON®, KORCE® and YONGA® as well as Kick Power, Fitboxe, Aroha, Aerobic and Spinning.

As a Personal Trainer you never stop learning. That’s why I attend courses and workshops in the fields of movement, nutrition and relaxation regularly. As a result, my trainings are up to date with training sciences.


I've also been involved with Qi Gong for some time now. This gives my training, which has been oriented on the West so far, a valuable approach from the Chinese world.


The wonderful and extremely efficient KiTE®-method rounds off my offer. With KiTE®

I can also support my clients therapeutically.


My philosophie

Mens sana in corpore sano – ia healty body lives a healthy mind. This quote of Juvenal has accompanied me during my work as a Personal Trainer for years. My personal experiences reassure me again and again that especially in these days of stress and burnouts a healthy body and mind is not self-evident. We have to take care of ourselves at all levels!


That’s why I always look at my clients in a holistic way and try to offer them the best solution for their according life situation. In this way individual goals can be sustainably achieved. 


I’m looking forward to meet you!